Can I use Ni-MH batteries in a trimmer? If yes, can the trimmer charge them?

Whether you can use Ni-MH batteries in a trimmer largely depends on the trimmer’s design and specifications. Many trimmers are designed to work with specific types of batteries, and it’s essential to check the user manual or contact the manufacturer to verify compatibility.

If your trimmer is designed to work with rechargeable batteries, and if it originally came with Ni-Cd batteries, there’s a good chance that Ni-MH batteries will work as well. However, always double-check to ensure compatibility.

As for whether the trimmer can charge Ni-MH batteries, it depends on whether the trimmer has a built-in charging mechanism for rechargeable batteries and whether that mechanism is compatible with Ni-MH batteries. Again, refer to the trimmer’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for clarification on this matter.

If the trimmer doesn’t have a built-in charging mechanism or if it’s not compatible with Ni-MH batteries, you would need to charge the Ni-MH batteries using an external charger designed for Ni-MH batteries before using them in the trimmer.

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